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    As a company, Conexlink has never owned a physical server. We were “Born in the Cloud” and leverage our cloud expertise (in Microsoft Azure) to help companies deploy, manage, and optimize their cloud environments. In today’s competitive landscape success cannot be tethered to traditional reseller models. Our success will forever be tied to our growing and immensely talented team that deliver innovative products and solutions to our customers with a cloud-first mentality.

    As an individual, Brian’s career has also been cloud-focused. First with a cloud-based marketing analytics company, then with one of the world’s largest global IT resellers (focused on the cloud), Brian has now been with Conexlink for 5 years. Over the last 18 months, Brian’s focus has been on transforming Conexlink from a Cloud Workspace solution provider to a Cloud Optimization company. In this incredibly fast-paced time of cloud evolution, Brian is excited to lead a team that is equally passionate about innovation and optimization in cloud technologies with the ultimate goal to propel future waves of cloud adoption.