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    My Vision: The principal mission of TruAdvantage? That’s clear: “Many small to medium sized organizations are in dire need of IT experts who understand the business aspect as well and can impact the bottom line. Such organizations not only need solvers but also optimizers for the long term. They need IT experts as a strategic resource not just a tool. We bridge that gap.” As the co- founder and Chief Technology Officer of TruAdvantage, Kayvan is primarily responsible for the strategic relationships and technology vision of TruAdvantage.
    Background: Kayvan has more than 15 years of management and IT experience by working as the Senior IT Consultant and project manager at various hospitals, medical clinics and practices. Through his years, Kayvan has developed and implemented multiple projects for 1000 plus user organizations including organizing and leading IT teams, disaster recovery and business continuity, healthcare IT and EMR integration.
    Why I do what I do: “What’s more exhilarating to impact a business by shrinking their costs while improving their staff efficiency and their operation.” It’s thrilling to know that what I do with technology could improve the patient treatment in a clinic or could expand the outreach of a nonprofit organization’s mission.”
    Favorite Books: Power of Now, Think and Grow Rich, Mindfulness in Plain English
    Favorite Quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing“ (Walt Disney)
    Education: Masters, MBA (Leading Teams and Technology Management, Santa Clara University.), Double Bachelor (Computer Science & Mathematics, San Jose State),
    Certifications: MCSE (Microsoft), CCNA (Cisco), CCA (Citrix) and VCP (VMWare) Certified, HIPAA