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    My dad was an industrial engineer, and I spent my summers in college working at his company, HASBRO, the toy manufacturer. I also worked at Hasbro full time as a computer tech after I graduated. While there, I got to see many aspects of their business - from injection molding to piecework assembly to R&D. I love helping companies create stuff.

    One of my grandfathers was a general contractor, building and renovating houses. I remember helping him during the summer when I was in high school, carrying a stack of roof shingles (that weighed about as much as me) up a ladder. I love helping companies build stuff.

    Since then, I've been an entrepreneur in the network services industry for 30 years, supporting the SMB market as outsourced IT, and providing specialized network-related project expertise to the enterprise market. During that time, I've specialized in supporting Construction, Manufacturing and Distribution.

    Specialties: Support, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Backup Solutions, Security Solutions, Procurement, and Project Management.