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    Guru Moorthi, CEO of Virtual Tech Gurus. Gurus has been awarded a Top #10 fastest growing company in Dallas by SMU and also recently two Dell prestigious Partner Awards for “Best Customer Service” and “Innovative partner” in consecutive years.
    Before starting Virtual Tech Gurus in 2008, Guru Moorthi was instrumental in developing datacenter strategies and automation for Target, AT&T and PepsiCo. Guru has always been on the leading edge embracing efficiency and resiliency through automation to introduce transformation for many customers. Guru has developed a time saving infrastructure analytics tool, ZENfra, which more efficiently allows the customer to discover, validate and manage datacenter transformation to HCI or the Cloud. Many tools perform pieces of what ZENfra delivers , but only ZENfra ties it all together in One tool.
    Virtual Tech Gurus specialize in Staffing, Datacenter automation and migrations with 7 offices and over 300 very talented individuals, globally.
    Align your business and IT with scalable solutions delivered by experts. Our team of IT professionals bring Enterprise level expertise with deep knowledge to give your small to medium-sized business access to the best talent and premier technology. Our expertise includes developing solid solutions around:

    • Managed IT Services
    • Cloud Infrastructure, including private, public and hybrid cloud offerings
    • Professional IT Consulting

    Our team of Gurus work with multiple Fortune customers to help them transform their Infrastructure to IAAS with multiple technologies. We help customers build their private and public cloud infrastructure using converged platforms( Vblock, FlexPod..), cloud platforms( Vcloud director, Openstack), AWS and Glacier backup tools.