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    Mr. Wallace is the President and CEO of WallScott Solutions which he founded over 10 years ago. He is a native of Davenport, IA, and worked at Greatest Grains and Happy Joe’s Pizza, where he learned the value of being your own boss, working and keeping up with his academics. He also played football and was a varsity wrestler. He attended the University of Northern Iowa with the idea to become a sports coach; however, he was drawn to the growing computer industry and graduated from Northern Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in business and started his technology career at John Deere. He always had a dream to own his own business, so he moved to Chicago, where he started the computer consulting firm called WallScott Solutions. Mr. Wallace found a way to combine his love of both coaching and technology through the founding of his company and has become a leader in coaching businesses on how to use technology to grow.

    He credits all the people who gave him guidance, direction and encouragement in his life and is grateful they helped him learn the value of overcoming obstacles. He believes that opportunities are open to everyone, no matter their race, sex, economic situation or age. All you need is the drive to find the right tools and the desire to make your dreams come true.