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WEBINAR: Show Me The Money! Succeeding With The Recurring Revenue Model

Mark Emanuelson, ,

Many partners are afraid to move into cloud services that might cannibalize traditional revenues and change resale margins. Yet, many end user customers are asking for cloud services as they offer advantages including lower costs by spreading subscription ...

Category:Cloud Revenues
WEBINAR: How to Build and Grow a Successful Cloud-Based Business

Marcus Wagner, ,

Gain insights into the benefits and challenges to starting your own Cloud-based practice with our February 18 webcast with Marcus Wagner of AcctTwo. Marcus describes his journey in starting his own SaaS based business.

WHITEPAPER: How to Develop an Effective and Profitable Agent/VAR Relationship

Sam Layle,

If handled appropriately, an agent/VAR (Value Added Re-seller) relationship can be mutually beneficial and financially rewarding. Each partnership is unique with several aspects that need to be thoroughly vetted by each firm. The roles of each party must ...

WEBINAR: Teach your Clients how to Utilize the Cloud Strategically

Tony Pagano, ,

Are your clients overwhelmed by the "Cloud?" With so many options to choose from, clients find themselves putting off transitioning to the cloud or throwing in the towel completely. In this webcast, Tony Pagano, Director at StrataScape Technologies, will ...

WHITEPAPER: How to Finance a Cloud Practice

Oli Thordarson, ,

In this very informative whitepaper, Oli Thordarson, CEO and owner of Alvaka Networks, discusses the financial aspects surrounding his transition to a Cloud practice. Oli will share his personal experiences obtained from moving from a VAR, and growing his ...

Category:Cloud Finance