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WHITEPAPER: Choosing an IT Provider

Lita Vernick, ,

Five Questions Every Small Business Should Ask When Choosing An It Provide


Lita Vernick, ,

The need for bandwidth is increasing faster than most businesses can keep up. These infographics offer some stunning statistics that sum up where bandwidth stands today and where we are headed. It also presents key reasons why the demand for bandwidth is ...

WHITEPAPER: Learn how to use Social Media

Lita Vernick, ,

Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? Will a huge fan base on Facebook enhance your brand image? Will posting videos on YouTube turn leads into sales? Does the potential for negative feedback deter your business from having a public conversation?

WHITEPAPER: Voice From The Cloud

Lita Vernick, ,

Technology has boosted efficiency – and even opened new doors – for many businesses. But it has also changed the way they work. Employees are more mobile, getting the job done from points near and far; data is available in or near real time; customers exp ...

WHITEPAPER: Understanding Business Ethernet Services

Lita Vernick, ,

“The network is your business” has been a mantra for many years indicating how businesses rely more heavily on being networked between their facilities, data centers, suppliers, business partners and customers. Your network enables your business to: • ...

WHITEPAPER: What Is the Best Communications Solution for My Business?

Lita Vernick, ,

Picking the Right Communications Solution for Your Business Is Critical in This Fast-Paced World

WHITEPAPER: Enabling Business Transformation With Cloud-Based Communications

Lita Vernick, ,

It’s the challenge businesses of every size wrestle with: How to improve employee productivity while driving down costs. Technology can help achieve that goal – when the right tools are used. But when systems are not intuitive, not integrated with busines ...

WHITEPAPER: Collaborate Your Way To A Stronger Business

Lita Vernick, ,

Today’s successful small businesses embrace a collaborative work environment and understand how to use technology to foster that collaboration. Working together with colleagues, partners and customers gives companies the agility to drive innovation and su ...