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GUIDE: 50 Questions to Ask When Qualifying for Cloud Computing Services Opportunities

Cristina Greysman, ,

When you are talking to customers about cloud services, here are the top questions you’ll want to ask to ensure their interest and readiness.

WEBINAR: 4 MSP CEOs Discuss Their Plans as Lockdown Eases

• Darcee Nelan • Oli Thordarson • Ryan Walsh • Kayvan Yazdi

As the leader of an MSP how do you plan a business strategy as the lockdown begins to ease? How do you deal with clients who are still struggling? What help should you expect from your vendors? How will your marketing and sales efforts have to change? And ...

Webinar: How to Sell Cloud Recovery

Derek Siler, ,

As a solution enabler and a trusted advisor to your customers, you help them determine business and technology strategies that enable their growth. One area that accelerates this relationship is disaster recovery/business continuity, but so many customers ...

WEBINAR: Digital Transformation, 3rd Platform, And Disruptive IT - What You Need To Know To Be Successful: Transform Or Die, That Simple.

Jerod Powell, ,

n this presentation, Jerord Powell, CEO of INFINIT Consulting is going to shed some light on why some partners are highly successful in the cloud and era of the 3rd platform and why some are seemingly stuck and dying a slow death. We will discuss 4 key ...

Webinar Replay: 5 Steps that will Drive Cloud Marketing Success

Sarah Cundiff & Darragh Fitzpatrick,

Using a variety of marketing tactics to promote your company can yield tremendous success. In this session a fellow Cloud partner discusses their marketing strategies, what has worked and what hasn't. They'll also share the five things they did that reall ...

Denver Cloud Presentation: Leveraging Social Media to drive New Business

Thomas Cross, ,

Leveraging Social Media & Other Techniques to Drive New Business - what really works

WEBINAR: Overcoming Objections to the Cloud

Brian Dietz, ,

Security and uptime objections are very common while building or growing a cloud based business. While the Cloud has been gaining popularity, and more importantly, security, those building a cloud business of their own or transitioning into a cloud model ...

WEBINAR: How to Effectively Build and Incentivize a Cloud Sales Team

Vince Bradley, ,

Building up a sales team for your cloud services business raises a number of questions. Vince Bradley, founder and CEO of WTG, will help answer many of these questions by sharing his years of experience building a thriving Cloud company, along with succes ...

WEBINAR: Navigating Legal Issues with your Cloud Practice – A Second Look

Mark Del Bianco, ,

Part 1 of our Legality in the Cloud series featured five critical legal issues raised by a cloud practice as commonly seen by attorney Mark Del Bianco. In part two, Mark will expand on the topic and discuss several additional legal issues that can arise ...

WEBINAR: Are you Missing out on Wireless LAN Pull Through Business?

Michelle Southerland, ,

The Wireless LAN market size for 2014 is estimated at $5 billion dollars and growing. Much of the internet using population has gone wireless in their business and homes. If you're not supporting your customer's wireless needs, someone else likely is.

5 Key Steps Partners Can Take to Monetize Open Source Software

Nick Mader, Dawn Thurston,

With the significant technical advances in open source technology, there is a tremendous movement underway. This is especially true when it comes to the database market. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2018, 70% of all newly deployed applications will r ...

Webinar: How the Cloud has Changed the Game "As a Service" or "As a Utility"

Scott Fluegge, ,

There are many debates in the industry today, public versus private cloud, open versus closed systems, and innovation versus control. Your partners are grappling with these issues every day. This whitepaper will help you to understand better how to levera ...

WEBINAR: A Layer removed – How to stay front and center with your customer

Shawn Mills, ,

As customers migrate to 3rd party cloud services, our role as technology advisors have changed. Now, more than ever, we find ourselves a layer removed from the customer and the cloud technologies running their business. Join us to review strategies of how ...

WEBINAR: Show Me The Money! Succeeding With The Recurring Revenue Model

Mark Emanuelson, ,

Many partners are afraid to move into cloud services that might cannibalize traditional revenues and change resale margins. Yet, many end user customers are asking for cloud services as they offer advantages including lower costs by spreading subscription ...

Category:Cloud Revenues
WEBINAR: Selling the Cloud - How to Build, Manage and Reward a Top Sales Team

Mark Emanuelson, ,

Download and watch the webinar replay "Selling the Cloud: How to Build, Manage and Reward a Top Sales Team". The big questions for heads of sales are how do you reward your team in this new cloud sell? How do you provide the right incentives for partn ...

PRESENTATION: Selling Cloud Services – An Agent Puts His Head in the Clouds

Peter Radizeski,

Selling Cloud Services, An Agent Puts His Head in the Cloud!

WEBINAR: How to Finance a Cloud Practice

Oli Thordarson, ,

Watch the recorded replay from our webinar, "How to Finance a Cloud Practice." In this very informative webinar, Oli Thordarson, CEO and owner of Alvaka Networks, will discuss the financial aspects surrounding his transition to a Cloud practice. Oli will ...

Category:Cloud Finance
WEBINAR: The Rise of the Cloud Distributor

TC Doyle,

In cloud computing, distributors have no place. With nothing to pick, pack or ship, they may as well pack up their tents and fold. Or should they? Contrary to popular convention, the industry’s wholesalers have carved out a significant niche for themselve ...

WEBINAR: 5 Critical Legal Issues Raised by a Cloud Practice

Mark Del Bianco,

You’ve decided to add Cloud Services to your business practice or even start a Cloud Services company from scratch. You’ve considered the sales model, the financial considerations and even the type of services you’ll sale but what about legal issues? I ...

WHITEPAPER: Trends in Cloud Computing

Tim Herbert,

CompTIA’s 4th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing research study confirms solution providers have been moving more decisively into the cloud. Nearly 6 in 10 respondents in the study said they proactively pursued multiple cloud business models in an attempt t ...