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WEBINAR: Overcoming Objections to the Cloud

Brian Dietz, ,

Security and uptime objections are very common while building or growing a cloud based business. While the Cloud has been gaining popularity, and more importantly, security, those building a cloud business of their own or transitioning into a cloud model ...

WEBINAR: Are you Missing out on Wireless LAN Pull Through Business?

Michelle Southerland, ,

The Wireless LAN market size for 2014 is estimated at $5 billion dollars and growing. Much of the internet using population has gone wireless in their business and homes. If you're not supporting your customer's wireless needs, someone else likely is.

WEBINAR: The Truth About Reselling Cloud

Ian Moyse, ,

The Truth About Reselling Cloud by Ian Moyse, Sales Director at, Ian Kilpatrick, Chairman at Wick Hill, and David McLeman, Managing Director at Ancoris

WHITEPAPER: The Internet of Things and What it Means to You

Craig Schlagbaum, ,

How many acronyms or buzzwords have sprung up over the last decade or more that are the latest “game changers?” In the late 90s we had the World Wide Web (www). Then we had ASPs or Application Service Providers. Then SaaS and Iaas and PaaS. And now we hav ...

WORKSHEET: Estimated Revenue and Commissions for selling Cloud Services

Jennifer Zowada,

The Rule of 78s So how much can an Agent make? If you sell a $1,000 monthly contract every month, what will total sales equal at the end of the year? Most people answer $12,000. The reality is Sales in that year will be $78,000 – Why? That’s be ...

WEBINAR: Teach your Clients how to Utilize the Cloud Strategically

Tony Pagano, ,

Are your clients overwhelmed by the "Cloud?" With so many options to choose from, clients find themselves putting off transitioning to the cloud or throwing in the towel completely. In this webcast, Tony Pagano, Director at StrataScape Technologies, will ...