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Choosing, Building and Launching a new Cloud Offering

David DeCamillis, ,

What does it take to build a new Cloud offering? How do you research and decide what to offer? Which vendors should you work with and why? How do you allocate budget and build an effective business plan? How do you build and train a go-to-market team to t ...

PRESENTATION: Building a Cloud Brokerage Practice

Shawn Mills, ,

You’ve likely decided that cloud services have a place in your client’s environment. However, there different ways to bring cloud services to the market – You can build your own product, private label other services, or broker other services already in th ...

PRESENTATION: Building a Cloud Practice Inside a Traditional IT Partner – the Lessons Learned

Mark Emanuelson, ,

Building a Cloud Practice Inside a Traditional IT Partner – the Lessons Learned.

WEBINAR: Desktops-as-a-Service Global Market Trends: A Service Provider Perspective

Dan Sparks, ,

Is this the year that the Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) market will show tremendous promise for service providers? Results from a recent service provider survey predict growth in the delivery of secure hosted workspaces -- and the potential for expanding h ...

WEBINAR: How to Build and Grow a Successful Cloud-Based Business

Marcus Wagner, ,

Gain insights into the benefits and challenges to starting your own Cloud-based practice with our February 18 webcast with Marcus Wagner of AcctTwo. Marcus describes his journey in starting his own SaaS based business.

WEBINAR: How to Choose the Right Cloud Carriers

Ken Mercer,

Watch the webcast replay "How to Choose the Right Cloud Carriers." Ken Mercer, Vice President of TBI discusses how to properly seek out cloud partners. He goes over red flags to look for, questions to ask and much more.

WHITE PAPER: Building a Cloud Practice

Shawn Mills, ,

The prevalence of cloud computing has ushered new business models. Progressive entrepreneurs leverage the strategic advantages of cloud-based business models to replace less profitable traditional IT service and sales businesses. The vast variety of cloud ...

WHITEPAPER: 6 Key Requirements for a profitable NOC + Help Desk Service

Renita Grewal,

Read this paper to discover: - Why outsourcing rather than internalizing a NOC +Help Desk is your best strategy - The distinction between NOC and Help Desk activities - Six key success factors for an outsourced solution that cuts mustard - H ...

WHITEPAPER: 8 Steps to Building Meaningful Partnerships

David Neely, ,

Meaningful business partnerships are one of the essential ingredients of business success. No CEO, CIO, IT exec, sales agent, or business leader goes it alone. Strong partnerships make the difference between a business or project that makes it -- or one t ...

WHITEPAPER: Avoiding the Pitfalls When Transitioning into Managed Services

Renita Grewal, ,

As you begin your journey transitioning into managed services, you’ll quickly find the transition is more about how you provide services than the services themselves. You’re still working to keep your clients operational. The difference is the method by w ...

WHITEPAPER: Building a Service Provider Practice

Jim Freeman, ,

This white paper is based on the webcast: Building a Service Provider Practice- One Journey and the Lessons Learned, presented by Jim Freeman, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, High Touch Technologies. It is followed by a Q&A with answers from Mr. Freeman. ...

WHITEPAPER: Carrier Ethernet Poised to Supplant MPLS Networking

David Neely, ,

It's well known that enterprises need network connectivity that is fast, reliable, scalable and secure. At first glance, MPLS, a tried and true solution, meets those requirements. However, there's another connectivity requirement which networks need that ...

WHITEPAPER: Collaborate Your Way To A Stronger Business

Lita Vernick, ,

Today’s successful small businesses embrace a collaborative work environment and understand how to use technology to foster that collaboration. Working together with colleagues, partners and customers gives companies the agility to drive innovation and su ...

WHITEPAPER: Energize and Expand the Cloud

Ilya Zeldin, , ,

Land new customers with Cloud solutions from Dell, then expand recurring revenue by upselling other complementary Cloud solutions. CloudRunner offers a complete white-labeled platform purpose-built for service providers, allowing you to expand into Clo ...

WHITEPAPER: Essential IT-as-a-Service Solutions for SMBs

Ilya Zeldin,

If you provide hosted or managed services to small-and-medium-sized business (SMBs), we have two solution areas - the CloudRunner service provider platform and Dell SMB Solutions service delivery capabilities - that will give you single-source provider st ...

WHITEPAPER: Freedom to do more! Protect and Secure Your Files

Ilya Zeldin, , ,

Future-proof your business with anywhere, anytime, any device access to all of your applications - simply, securely, and fully managed. Download the article to read more

WHITEPAPER: How the Cloud has Transformed the Game: “As a Service” or “As a Utility”

Scott Fluegge, ,

Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT services market landscape. Traditional Value Added Reseller (VAR) organizations operate as profitable Managed Services Providers (MSP) by embracing the embrace the cloud movement. The growth and evolution of the F ...

WHITEPAPER: Top 10 Reasons Everyone Wants to Become a Managed Service Provider

Renita Grewal, ,

Managed services used to be like an exclusive club. Membership was generally reserved for a relatively small number of IT service providers who adopted managed services as a way to differentiate their business and create breakthrough value for their small ...

WHITEPAPER: WAN Virtualization Powers Business Productivity

David Neely, ,

Enterprises (and companies of all sizes) rely extensively on wide area networks to enable productivity. In any business, transferring data and connecting distributed resources is essential. WAN provides that capability. However, under certain conditions W ...