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PRESENTATION: Beyond Broadband - How do you Increase Profitability by Selling Additional "Cloud" Services

Rick Olivieri, ,

Three vendors describe how you can make money by selling beyond the 'pipe'! After all if you are just selling the 'pipe' you are not only leaving revenue on the table, you are vulnerable to another reseller walking in to the customer to sell a more com ...

PRESENTATION: Building a Cloud Practice with Cloud Solutions and Support

Webinar slides from our June 20, 2013 webinar, Building a Cloud Practice with Cloud Solutions and Support Offered by ADTRAN and Windstream.

WHITEPAPER: Accelerating Gigabit Broadband

Marketing Wheels,

In this white paper we will discuss methods for delivering services, with rates approaching 1 Gbps, over the existing copper infrastructure.

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Backbone Network

Rick Olivieri, ,

An integral component of the Data Center Without Walls, leveraging high-capacity Ethernet service-oriented architectures between data centers to provide cost-effective scale and assured traffic performance

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Networking Solutions for Small Businesses to Large Enterprises

Rick Olivieri, ,

In this paper discusses how and why cloud access networks and inter-data center cloud backbone networks will have a strategic impact on cloud-based applications and infrastructure performance. Learn how Ciena’s approach to these types of networks enhances ...

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Networking: Virtualization and Automation

Rick Olivieri,

This paper is the fourth in a series describing Ciena’s vision for the future of cloud networking, and the solutions that turn that vision into reality for both IT providers and IT users. The V-WAN Network Services Module is Ciena’s network virtualization ...

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Use Cases For Intelligent, On-Demand Networking

Rick Olivieri, ,

Bandwidth on demand has been a ‘holy grail’ for many years—attractive, but unobtainable. Technology elements could provide the service, but the total solution never reached the status of a complete ecosystem offering. Skepticism remains whether or when ne ...

WHITEPAPER: Data Center Without Walls

Rick Olivieri, ,

Data Center Without Walls - the combination of geographically distributed data centers able to function as an efficient shared resource pool to address any magnitude of workload demand from anywhere across that geography with assured service performance.

WHITEPAPER: Embrace the Benefits of APIs

David Neely, ,

Do APIs (application program interfaces) truly impact a channel partner’s revenue? The simple answer is yes. The complicated answer lies in how channel partner programs’ APIs help generate more sales opportunities and more revenue for channel partners. Tr ...

WHITEPAPER: Global Network Operators, From Sea to Cloud

Rick Olivieri, ,

Cloud computing is the latest technology trend that has sparked interest across a wide variety of industries.

WHITEPAPER: Lowering IP Telephony Total Cost of Ownership

Marketing Wheels,

This white paper outlines a method for SMBs to evaluate VoIP products in a way that directly addresses their needs and concerns.

WHITEPAPER: Performance-on-Demand

Rick Olivieri, ,

True software-driven networking for the cloud, with automated resource orchestration and provisioning that yields reduced network capacity requirements, predictable service performance, and simpler operations.

WHITEPAPER: PoE Midspans: Extend Enterprise Infrastructure with Ease

David Neely, ,

The utility of any network depends greatly on what is connected. This fact is never more true than it is within the network of an enterprise. The ability to connect devices is crucial and any barrier to this is a barrier to the full utility of the network ...

WHITEPAPER: Preparing for the Inevitable

Rick Olivieri, ,

While no one likes to talk about disasters, they happen. And when they do, unprepared businesses and governments fail to function—unless they have a plan in place. This paper outlines key steps and information to consider when building a disaster recovery ...

WHITEPAPER: RealPresence Platform Design Service Datasheet

Maurizio Capuzzo,

RealPresence Platform Design Service Datasheet

WHITEPAPER: UC for Education

Marketing Wheels,

By adopting unified communications, schools can reduce costs, ease network maintenance, and improve information flow among staff, students, and parents