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WHITEPAPER: 5 Reasons VARs Are Flipping Their Business Models

David Neely, ,

The VAR business landscape has changed fundamentally. As companies move to the cloud, and technology integration becomes more automated, traditional opportunities to resell software and hardware have diminished. With this in mind, innovative VARs are goin ...

WHITEPAPER: Building a Cloud Practice - Lessons Learned from a Traditional IT Partner

Mark Emanuelson, ,

The decrease in costs necessary to develop and maintain a Cloud structure. The emergence of business leaders from other than the IT department as decision makers when it comes to Cloud based applications. Budgets coming from other areas as opp ...

WHITEPAPER: Building an Effective Support Structure for Your Cloud Customers What is Really Required

Oli Thordarson, ,

In this whitepaper, Oli the CEO and owner of Alvaka Networks, a very successful @Cloud’ Services Provider discussed how they have built an effective support structure for their Cloud customers. He started by discussing their journey from VAR to MSP to tru ...

WHITEPAPER: Explore the shift to the "Higher Cloud"

Brian Snortheim, ,

Business adaption of the cloud services is moving to the next level. Early cloud use was opportunistic – Going forward, it is becoming strategic, driven by collaboration between business, finance and IT Leaders to enable business process transformation. ...

WHITEPAPER: How the Cloud has Changed the Game "As a Service" or "As a Utility"

Scott Fluegge, ,

There are many debates in the industry today, public versus private cloud, open versus closed systems, and innovation versus control. Your partners are grappling with these issues every day. This whitepaper will help you to understand better how to leve ...

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Randy Steinle and Rudy Rodriguez are members of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP). IAMCP, as an organization, focuses on partnering, advocacy, community and education across the spectrum of member organizations. Based on ...

WHITEPAPER: The Impact of the Cloud on the Channel

Zack Stockholm,

All size businesses are becoming interested in the opportunities to improve their organizations by shifting their technology from traditional IT to a Cloud-based one. In fact, the conversation has begun to change from the rudimentary (What is the Cloud, a ...

WHITEPAPER: The Internet of Things and What it Means to You

Craig Schlagbaum, ,

How many acronyms or buzzwords have sprung up over the last decade or more that are the latest “game changers?” In the late 90s we had the World Wide Web (www). Then we had ASPs or Application Service Providers. Then SaaS and Iaas and PaaS. And now we hav ...