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"Building a Cloud Practice: The Real Answers"

Denver, CO

Partner Panel - The Financial Implications – Best Practice in Building and Managing a Monthly Recurring Revenue Model (3:30 - 4:10pm)

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is for many of us the key to success in the Cloud. In this session, three CEOs of partner companies will discuss how they have built and how they manage an MRR business. How they develop the offerings price those offerings and how they position them to their customers and potential customers. But more importantly, it’s your chance to question them and understand how to build a recurring revenue model that would be right for your business.

Partner Panel - Productizing Services – Building Scalable Repeatable and Profitable Services Offerings (5:05 - 5:45pm)

Selling a productized service offering as a standardized and repeatable process significantly reduces the overall cost involved in the service delivery. But how do you build the model? What key decisions do you have to make? Most importantly how do you price it and position it to your customers and potential customers? In the session 3 CEOs of Cloud Partners will share the strategies they use to build scalable, repeatable and profitable services offerings. They will also share the processes they have in place to make sure existing clients are looked after and that the firm is able to understand and respond to their changing needs.

Partner Presentation - Creating Business Focus – What is Needed to Build a True Specialized Practice? (7:20 - 8:00pm)

To quote a Cloud services member ‘Simply moving customers to the Cloud is no longer a way to make money – if you can’t offer substantially more than that you are on a race to zero!’ For many Channel partners, specialization is the key to success. These days a lot of companies are building expertise to enable them to focus on particular vertical markets in order to improve their profitability and create additional value for their existing and potential customers. This session will share the steps they took to create that focus discuss the decisions they had to take. Explain how they acquired the expertise in their vertical sectors and how they marketed that expertise to drive increased revenue from existing customers and build a profitable new customer base.