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Top 10 Hosted Desktop Resources in the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence

By Scott Lindars

Earlier this year, Citrix launched the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence, designed to assist Citrix Service Provider partners in every stage of the business development lifecycle, from onboarding and planning, through technical implementation and marketing, all the way to launching and growing. The Center of Excellence provides an end-to-end business and technology framework that includes strategy, operations, marketing, sales and technology planning guides and tools. You can learn more about the Center of Excellence by watching this video and reading the Solution Brief.

Since its inception, we’ve seen a huge uptake on Citrix partners coming to the Center of Excellence as they plan, implement and expand their service provider businesses. The top resources show Citrix is helping service providers in the key areas: technology implementation, marketing business-ready desktops to end user buyers and planning for business growth. Here are the top ten downloaded resources in the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence.

Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture On Microsoft CloudOS
Recently updated and released, the fourth edition of the Citrix Service Provider Reference Architecture enables a new generation of multi-tenant application and desktop cloud services. The architecture enables the delivery of Microsoft® Windows® applications and desktops on a pay-as-you-go basis from the Citrix Service Provider’s hosted cloud.

Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solution Overview Video
This “what is a hosted desktop solution” video is designed for Citrix Service Provider partners to use as a sales and marketing tool to educate prospective customers on the benefits of a DaaS solution. Citrix partners are using the “secure, modern hosted desktops” video on their website, in social media, at in-person meetings and events and in demand-generation campaigns. Even better, partners can append their own logo and call to action to the end of the video and even translate it into their native language.

Marketing and Demand Generation Guide for Citrix Service Providers
The DaaS market is hot and attracting buyers is a priority for service providers. This is a great place to start learning about effective marketing strategies for driving new customer demand and expanding your existing base. The guide covers the different tools and resources that are available, top techniques for building successful hosted services marketing campaigns and more.

Cloud Services for SMBs Customer Presentation
A co-brandable, customer facing presentation that is designed to introduce customers and prospects to hosted cloud services and the service provider’s hosted solutions and services. The presentation can be co-branded with partner’s own logos, graphics, value proposition, case studies and more.

Planning and Defining Your Hosted Services Offering Guide
This guide is designed to help with service definition, including target markets, verticals and how to differentiate so that you can build a scalable and repeatable hosting business. It helps answer fundamental questions such as: what hosted services to provide, how they should be packaged, how to identify ideal customer profiles and what markets to pursue.

Top Five Reasons to Workshift
This solutions brief is targeted for SMBs and is a great asset to include in marketing campaigns or share with prospects for explaining the benefits of using a Citrix Service Provider’s hosted desktop and application solution.

Top-Ten Business Considerations for Citrix Service Provider Partners
Successful partners know that the winning combination for a profitable and differentiated business is a mix of great technical solutions with the right sales and marketing plan. To help build a winning strategy, Citrix gathered proven insights and advice from some of the world’s leading Citrix Service Providers.

Go-to-Market and Launch Planning Guide
A go-to-market and launch plan guide that is essential when building a launch strategy. This guide should be used in conjunction with the Planning and Defining Your Hosted Services Offering Guide, theMessaging and Positioning Guide and the Product Launch Tracking Template.

Citrix Service Provider Partner On-Boarding and Program Fundamentals
Hundreds of new telcos, managed service providers and web hosters join the Citrix Service Provider program each year. Citrix provides a single source with everything a new Citrix Service Provider needs to know about getting started with the Citrix Service Provider Program. It covers the program fundamentals, how to order licenses, resources for building your business, getting involved in the Citrix Service Provider community and more.

Desktops-as-a-Service Selling and Positioning (Sales Training)
Great technology is essential, but putting it in the hands of buyers is vital. The selling and positioning presentation is designed as a sales training tool for service providers. Use this presentation to understand the Desktops-as-a-Service market opportunity, value proposition, selling strategies, key messages and solution components.

Citrix constantly strives to give hosted service provider partners the most impactful resources for building and growing a fantastic business with Citrix. That is why the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence is designed for all members of a successful team – business owners, sales, marketing and technical professionals– with comprehensive tracks and resources for everyone.

If you haven’t already visited the Citrix Service Provider Center of Excellence, set aside some time this week to explore these and the many other assets.

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