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Service Providers Share 6 Secrets to Growing a Hosted Services Business with CloudPortal Services Manager

Service Providers Share 6 Secrets to Growing a Hosted Services Business with CloudPortal Services Manager

Written by Penny Gralewski

Want to hear 6 secrets to hosted services profitability and scalability? How are service providers automating tasks and speeding delivery of hosted services with one specific technology? Why are subscribers of some hosted service providers finding a fast self-service method to add b2ap3_thumbnail_CPSM_Pic.pngnew users or services to a hosted desktop environment?

Here’s the secret: Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager.

Service providers can find a profitable and successful secret in CloudPortal Services Manager:

  • Lower technical overhead costs
  • Delegate new tasks across members of busy service provider technical teams
  • Fewer support desks calls
  • Easier subscriber on-demand requests for hosted apps, desktops, data services, mail and collaboration
  • Improved customer onboarding and support experience

Take a New Look at CloudPortal Services Manager

CloudPortal Services Manager started as a unified interface for services providers to track various hosting services like web hosting, SharePoint hosting, even hosted Exchange. Citrix has greatly expanded the capabilities to include unified management of those services plus hosted desktops, apps and data services, mail and collaboration — all from one interface.

Today, CloudPortal Services Manager is a comprehensive, highly-available control panel that helps service providers reduce management costs, streamline complexity and increase operating efficiency.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are 6 tips direct from service providers who know the secret – and are willing to share it with you. (Click the hyperlinks to read their full stories).

1. Quickly Provision Subscribers

“We’ve already seen that CloudPortal Services Manager excels as a provisioning tool because it simplifies the user data import process.  We can provision accounts well in advance before the actual migration takes place. Previously, we had to do last-minute account provisioning to avoid routing troubles. Now we can balance the workload while ensuring prompt service to new clients.” – Andrew Graham, Managed Services Project Engineer, TekLinks, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

2. Expand Services with a Unified Interface for Subscriber Support, Onboarding and Provisioning

“We knew we were going to expand a lot, but our old systems of managing our customers and their accounts meant that we had different technicians implementing different customers in different ways. We could see we would struggle without a very good system in place. It has been a very easy transition – CloudPortal Services Manager has met our needs perfectly.” -  Kjell Gabrielsson, Product Manager, Office IT-Partner, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden


With CloudPortal Services Manager, service providers can quickly add a new customer, customer self-service administrator and hosted services with a straightforward template, saving time and streamlining work.


3. Reduce Operating Costs: Simplify Subscriber Support and Speed Onboarding

“Between end users taking care of simpler needs themselves and our ability to simulate their onscreen experience, we and our resellers are easing the burden on support teams, achieving faster times to resolution, and generally creating more satisfied clients,” –  Scott Gulledge, Director of Client Care at TekLinks, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

4. Quickly Grow the Hosted Business with Resellers

Resellers have direct access to set up new end customers on CloudPortal Services Manager, so staff doesn’t need to spend time on phone calls or implementation processes for a reseller’s new customers. “CloudPortal Services Manager was the beginning of all of the business growth.”  -– Nicolas D’Hondt, managing director and co-founder of Net Computer Group, Brussels, Belgium


Service providers can empower resellers to add new customers and align hosted services -- the intuitive CloudPortal Services Manager interface makes it easy to add, modify or remove hosted services.


5. Fewer Support Calls – and Empowered Resellers

“It eases our support burden now that our partners and their customers can configure and change services through email and add aliases to accounts. We’re enabling our partners to be more successful in the eyes of their customers because they’re resolving issues faster.” – Andrew Graham, Managed Services Project Engineer, TekLinks, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

6. Fast Customer Updates with Self-Service Provisioning

“With CloudPortal Services Manager self-service, TELUS customers can add or remove users and select the services and service levels they want for each of their employees. These changes are automatically reflected in their monthly bill. Customers can try things on a smaller scale because it is so easy for them to self-provision.” – Renaldo Scalabrino, marketing director, TELUS Customer Solutions, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

CloudPortal Services Manager: Manage Complete Hosted Services

How can your services business benefit from a comprehensive control panel to manage the provisioning of cloud-based desktops, as well as complete hosted workspaces? Are you interested in taking advantage of technology to help increase scale and operating efficiency while reducing management costs?

Learn more about CloudPortal Services Manager – including a full page of hosted services provisioning, orchestration and demo videos – on

Talk to a Citrix Service Provider Program Team member about adding CloudPortal Services Manager to your successful hosting business today- email

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