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Fighting Back Against Shadow IT: Part 2

Help your customers embrace cloud services to serve business stakeholders In Part 1 we outlined how the rise of shadow IT affects both your customer’s and your business. You can help customers assess the situation to determine the extent of its use inside their companies and position yourself as a trusted cloud advisor. In Part 2 we will examine how to help customers identify mission-critical applications and which to host in the cloud. Identify Your Customer’s Mission-Critical Applications The second step in controlling this cloud-driven onslaught of shadow IT starts with helping your customer identify and acknowledge those applications and processes...
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Fighting Back Against Shadow IT: Part 1

Help your customers embrace cloud services to serve business stakeholders Introduction The term Shadow IT describes the use of IT systems, software or other solutions used inside an organization without knowledge or approval by the IT organization1[CG1]  This situation is arising because of the changing technology and services landscape. Business users are avoiding formal IT processes and procedures because their demand for technology to achieve business outcomes is outstripping an IT organization’s capacity to supply. Today, shadow IT may manifest itself through unauthorized applications, the storing and transferring of sensitive data outside of a secure network, or the spinning up of...
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Hello from Equinix

Welcome to the Equinix page! We are excited to be a part of the community, to both learn from its members and contribute what we have learned from working with companies around the world. We’ve been at the center of the internet explosion and are now again at the center – of cloud. We’ll do our best to prove that with interesting content about how we are partnering with some of the big hitters – AWS, Microsoft, Google – and share some of the success stories of customers and partners solving problems and finding new revenues through our cloud solution ecosystem....
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Thoughts on the Cloud

As I sit here and think about the “Cloud” and what it really means, I can’t help but wonder about the millennial generation and beyond.  For those of us who’ve been around a bit longer and can remember “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” had him acting in the movie 'Animal House' with John Belushi, we’ve seen the onsite data rooms in our office buildings and have sat through numerous internet data security trainings, back-up and archive procedures, etc… So for us the shift to the cloud can create some fear of cyber security safety with our data even though we now...
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Some Good Questions and Answers on Backup and Disaster Recovery

I am sometimes asked to provide reporters with information on stories they are writing.  Here is a series of questions from a reporter writing for a financial publication and my answers to him.  After I wrote this I thought it served in its raw form as the basis for my blog. 1. Where should small businesses start with disaster recovery, whether or not they already have a DR plan in place? What is the first question the small business owner needs to ask? I recommend starting with determining RTO and RPO.  If the small business owner starts here he or she...
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