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Welcome to our sponsor page!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to our sponsor page!  We look forward to meeting and working with the community in order to build relationships and make your business more successful by partnering together.  MySQL Enterprise Edition can reduce customer’s cloud expenses, protect them against security breaches and ensure that customers continue to meet their uptime and SLAs for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.  Please stay tuned for more info on our site and do not hesitate to reach out to use with any questions you may have.  -Nick   
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  In today's World nearly half of the global population is online! As of 2015, 3.2 billion people were online with the global population standing at 7.2 billion (Source: International Telecommunication Union). With this comes additional reflections that around 1/5th have an active Facebook account (1.39 billion), Twitter runs at around 305 million penetration and Linked in has 414 million users, with Instagram just behind at 400 million in the same timeframe. Millennials and the Z generation have a high % uptake, having hardly known a time when social media was not in existence and taking it as a normal...
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5 Need-to-Know Facts About Millennial Customers

The next generation is taking over as decision-makers, both at home and on the job. Here is what you need to know to attract Millennial customers. While Millennials may have been typecast as entitled teens early on, then as financially dependent, unemployed grads saddled with mounds of student debt, today they are all grown up with thriving careers, mortgages and kids of their own. There are 80 million Millennial consumers in the U.S. alone, and each year they spend approximately $600 billion. While Millennials are already a potent force, they will truly come into their own by 2020, when we project...
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Social Selling and Personal Branding

I am often amazed at how little most sales people invest in the value of their own personal brand and lack understanding of what social selling is and how to apply it amongst their kit bag of tools. Avoiding the puns from the late Stuart Baggs of the Apprentice about "I am the brand" , having an online brand is not about necessarily having your name in lights or being known or famous, it is the public view you give of yourself to others . A prospective customer or employer in knowing your name will inevitably at some point look you...
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Thoughts on the Cloud

As I sit here and think about the “Cloud” and what it really means, I can’t help but wonder about the millennial generation and beyond.  For those of us who’ve been around a bit longer and can remember “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” had him acting in the movie 'Animal House' with John Belushi, we’ve seen the onsite data rooms in our office buildings and have sat through numerous internet data security trainings, back-up and archive procedures, etc… So for us the shift to the cloud can create some fear of cyber security safety with our data even though we now...
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