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Need a Reason to Switch to SIP? We'll Give you Five.

Now's the time to create key opportunities for your network. Today's service providers seek seamless ways to get more out of existing technology investments while integrating leading-edge IP capabilities.  SIP is often associated with its ability to lift the burden of fixed channel allocation  But what other benefits do these trunks offer? Review the points below to learn the key advantages your business will gain by switching to SIP. 1.  Cost Savings SIP trunks help organizations reduce costs by supporting the convergence of separate voice and data networks.  This consolidates operational support staff, reducing equipment needs and enabling the purchase of...
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Exploring the Promise of SD-WAN

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) has served the computing world well. However, enterprises are looking for ways to reduce bandwidth, latency, and utilization costs while holding on to the control found in current setups. Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity is challenging enough, but the cloud and mobility are adding to the pressure on IT professionals. The legacy boundaries of enterprises no longer exist, triggering drastic changes to traditional WAN optimization and giving rise to a new playing field: the Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). What is stirring the SD-WAN wave? Flexibility and reduced costs are just about the primary drivers of the SD-WAN wave....
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Top 6 Reasons Why VARs Choose Metro Ethernet

Globally, Metro Ethernet is projected to be a $40 billion “worldwide revenue opportunity”--where U.S. channel partners are expected to take in $5 billion to $7 billion of that global revenue. How did Metro Ethernet become a prime revenue opportunity? Taking a look at the unique benefits that Metro Ethernet offers any business, it’s easy to see why VARs who add it to their portfolio are making a smart choice. Here are the top reasons why VARs are selling Metro Ethernet. 1. To increase opportunities in WAN services. VARs are offering Metro Ethernet WAN because of its cost-effectiveness and its ability to scale—in...
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5 Benefits of Private Optical Networks

Sometimes private is better. Like in the case of Private Optical Networks. With bandwidth needs continuing to increase over time and changing in unpredictable ways, a Private Optical Network can offer large enterprise and government agencies the fastest speeds, greatest resiliency, and the highest security available at a cost lower than shared networks. Plus, Private Optical Networks put the control in your hands, giving you the flexibility to add more bandwidth when you need it, meet the ever-increasing demands of your business operations, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is secure. Here are 5 key benefits of Private Optical...
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9 Bandwidth Facts from Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends Report

If you are a stats nerd in our industry then one of the annual events you likely look forward to is Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends report.  The one-time Wall Street analyst and now venture capitalist at KPCB has been publishing her mammoth annual trends report for 20 years now and it's always packed full of charts and stats.  But at 197 slides and covering all aspects of the Internet, it can be a lot to consume. So here are nine facts we've pulled from her 2015 that focus specifically on bandwidth and Internet consumption:   1.) Global Consumer Internet Traffic...
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