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Welcome to the Cloud Services Community

The Cloud Services Community is where IT Partners, Born in the Cloud Partners, Service Provider Agents and MSP’s come to learn how to build and grow a thriving Cloud Business. The community provides peer-to-peer guidance, help and advice from the CEO’s of successful Cloud partners and delivers unique opportunities to collaborate on the best Cloud practices.

Sungard Availability Services – Not Your Father’s Disaster Recovery

Sungard Availability Services is honored to be the newest sponsor of the Cloud Services Community.

As part of our sponsorship we’ll be sharing information, best practices and selling techniques that help you recommend and sell production and recovery cloud services plus managing applications in the cloud, such as SAP and Oracle.

We are also looking to collaborate with the community on ways to help you enhance your services portfolio. What can Sungard AS do more of or differently to help you enhance your own cloud practice? What new products, services or other offerings can you provide that increase profitability and position you as a trusted cloud advisor to your customers? What do you need from Sungard AS to make that happen?

We have a partner program that provides resources to help you develop a recurring revenue stream and grow your business to keep pace with the evolving ways customers want to consume IT. With a complete portfolio of availability offerings, exclusive lead registration, and a sell-with model, we work alongside you to deliver the right environments to your customers quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

But you might be scratching your head thinking, “Sungard AS sponsoring a Cloud community? Aren’t they the Disaster Recovery people?”

Well, yes…and no. We pioneered the DR industry over 30 years ago and continue to be a leader in keeping customers up and running. But today, half of our revenue is generated through production services tailored to help customers design, build and run resilient production environments. And increasingly our production services business includes more and more cloud services from managed, to self-managed, to private. When you add in our Gartner Magic Quadrant-leading portfolio of DR as a Service (DraaS) offerings, we’ve got a compelling portfolio available to you to recommend and resell to your customers.

As cloud services continue to blur the lines blur between telecommunications and IT… agents, VARs and MSPs…service providers and other vendors…we are all seeking new ways to partner and engage to capture customer spend in the most profitable way possible. This is a good thing. Think about the three sides of a profitable partner experience – the right technology, the right service and the right channel – and then think about the strength of a triangle in geometry. Triangles are strong, they’re sturdy, and they will not change shape since each of the three sides supports the other. If you build your own triangle in the IT ecosystem carefully, you’ll create a resilient partnership with your customers that will last for years to come.


We look forward to working with you along that journey.

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