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The Cloud Services Community is where IT Partners, Born in the Cloud Partners, Service Provider Agents and MSP’s come to learn how to build and grow a thriving Cloud Business. The community provides peer-to-peer guidance, help and advice from the CEO’s of successful Cloud partners and delivers unique opportunities to collaborate on the best Cloud practices.

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Aldridge CEO to participate in Cloud Services Community Roadshow

Summary: Aldridge CEO, Patrick Wiley, will be a panelist for the Cloud Services Community Roadshow where he and two other cloud business owners will discuss how they make money in the cloud.

Aldridge CEO, Patrick Wiley, will be a panelist for the Cloud Services Community Roadshow at the Dallas Tower Club on Thursday, June 23. The panel, “Where is the profit?” will include two other cloud business owners and will feature a discussion of how these entrepreneurs make money in the cloud. 

The Cloud Services Community was started in September 2012 by Baptie and Co. The community grew out of a need for cloud business owners to have a centralized resource for information concerning how to build and maintain a successful cloud practice. The organization is currently composed of 4600 members. Ninety-five percent of these members are based out of the United States, but there are plans for the community increase their global presence in coming years.

Initially, the Cloud Services Community resources were only available online, but after numerous requests for the group to host in-person events, director Rod Baptie decided to launch the Cloud Services Community Roadshow in June 2015.

“Cloud business owners wanted to be able to convene with others like themselves, discuss how to build a cloud practice, collaborate to understand the common business issues encountered, and basically learn how to mold a more successful and profitable cloud practice,” said Baptie.

The Dallas event will include 50 to 60 business owners who are reselling cloud products and services from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and surrounding Texas regions. The roadshow will be held from 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and will include vendor panels, speakers, partner panels, dinner, and the chance for networking over cocktails at the end of the evening.

There’s not one fail proof way to make money in the cloud. The roadshow was born out of the need to assess the various methods being used by cloud providers and gain insight on which approach generates the most success for specific businesses.

“Most events out there are run by major IT vendors and are focused on outlining a standard protocol for what businesses must do. This is completely different. The Cloud Services Roadshow is a group of very smart professionals who have their own cloud business, some small and some large, sharing what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. So, it’s not a vendor preaching at attendees, it’s the people actually in the trenches relating what they’re doing and how they’re doing it with an objective to hear from others and refine their own business strategies,” said Baptie. 

The roadshow’s process of selecting participants is fairly straightforward. The event’s coordinators reach out to local industry professionals to determine the most qualified and successful cloud providers in the area. Patrick Wiley was recommended to Baptie as someone with extensive knowledge and experience around providing cloud services, and after discussing the event, Wiley avidly agreed to participate.

“Patrick was recommended because, clearly, he’s built a successful cloud business within Aldridge. He has a very interesting approach to the cloud which I think will be extremely valuable for people to hear about,” said Baptie.

The event’s focus on constructing a running dialogue is what makes the roadshow unique. Technical information is amply available, but every business is different, and the ways to build a lucrative cloud practice vary across the board. The roadshow provides a space for leaders to engage in a discussion regarding best-practices to benefit the Cloud Services Community as a whole.


“The Cloud Services Community Roadshow is a great opportunity for cloud providers to get together, share ideas, and see what’s next. It’s really important to get a feel for what’s coming down the pike. I’m really looking forward to participating on the panel and learning more from everyone who attends,” said Wiley.

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