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The Cloud Services Community is where IT Partners, Born in the Cloud Partners, Service Provider Agents and MSP’s come to learn how to build and grow a thriving Cloud Business. The community provides peer-to-peer guidance, help and advice from the CEO’s of successful Cloud partners and delivers unique opportunities to collaborate on the best Cloud practices.

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Oli Thordarson is CEO of Alvaka Networks, an industry award winning provider of network security and network management services. Oli brings 30 years’ of experience to the Information Technology industry and is proud of the success of his entirely self-funded companies. Oli was the founding chairman of Global MSP Network, is a board member of CompTIA and Discovery Science Center, and actively writes blogs and serves on editorial advisory councils for several leading technology associations.

Oli has been named as one of the computer industry’s Top 20 Visionaries and earned the 2001 BTA Award of Excellence.

Is password length more important than complexity? A guideline for password creation policy.

Image care of WordPress Orange County, CA - I just read a summary of research on secure passwords vs. weak ones that get hacked. If you are looking to create your own secret password or if you are a network administrator looking to enforce secure password policy then read on. These results are from a study on 10 million passwords that have been breached in recent years. In summary, if you want a weak password, then use: Words Names Verbs Colors Animals Fruits “Love” phrases Superheroes And days of the week Leet speak, the act of using informal language or code in which standard...
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An experienced cyber insurance broker's reply to my blog

previewThis reply to my blog, Should I buy cyber insurance? is written by David McNeil, principal, of EPIC Insurance Brokers & Agents. He brings 20+ years of professional industry experience to the topic on cyber insurance. Some of Alvaka Networks' clients have been utilizing Dave's services for many years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Oli, Always enjoy your insights and thoughts on Tech-related subjects.   Lately, the plethora of headlines regarding cyber-related issues has meant the interest in cyber-insurance has reached a new level. This is a huge topic and this comment can only scratch the surface. That said, a bit of an insider-view may...
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Should I buy cyber insurance?

A friend of mine asked me if he should buy cyber insurance for his business. Whether your need is for a self-hosted/owned, cloud or hybrid infrastructure this is not an easy answer. As I thought about it, I decided this is probably a topic of interest to many financial managers at small to mid-size enterprises. How should you decide this question and who can you seek for legitimate counsel that is qualified to answer this question without having a conflict of interest? I decided I am possibly one of the most qualified people, more so than the insurance broker, and I...
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A Revelation that Leads to a Revolution

Newport Beach, CA - This morning on the way to the office I was listening to Bill Handel’s broadcast on KFI640 AM.  This morning he did another one of his Success from Scratch segments that feature somebody that created success from nearly nothing.  They are always good stories. This morning’s story was an exception beyond compare.  I don’t normally share stories that I find touching and inspiring as I feel like they are just “feel good” stories that while interesting it is not necessarily worthy of the time of others.  But this morning was different. The story is of Richard Montanez,...
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What 12 Security Things Should I Focus on to Be Defensible in 2016?

Here is a sneak-peek and what is likely my most important blog for the New Year.  This is just a partial teaser....   Irvine, CA - I was recently asked by a roundtable of CEOs to advise them on network security.  They had a lot of questions and a lot of misinformation.  I was surprised as this was a group of technology company CEOs and what I quickly found out is that they did not know much more than my non-tech company CEO clients.  From that discussion they asked me to come back and present to them a short list of...
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Some Good Questions and Answers on Backup and Disaster Recovery

I am sometimes asked to provide reporters with information on stories they are writing.  Here is a series of questions from a reporter writing for a financial publication and my answers to him.  After I wrote this I thought it served in its raw form as the basis for my blog. 1. Where should small businesses start with disaster recovery, whether or not they already have a DR plan in place? What is the first question the small business owner needs to ask? I recommend starting with determining RTO and RPO.  If the small business owner starts here he or she...
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