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    Passion and Ambition are two traits that I believe most reflect me as an individual. I thrive in a fulfilling and challenging environment where I focus on the fast growth and mission of the company above my job title.

    Why do I love my job?

    • Growth Focused : 6 different roles including 3 managerial roles, worked with 9 teams, managed lots of exciting projects; Every day is different and it means I’m always learning!
    • Customer Concerned Roles: Getting into the shoes of the customers, learn capability of identifying their needs, support the products and deliver the service, which is challenging but a rewarding experience!
    • Diversity in Functions: Sales admin process, Operations and IT support, Marketing (Digital and Social Media) and now Business Development, I love that variety! I firmly believe this will help me apply fresh perspectives and ideas to my future roles irrespective of the type of industry.
    • Vision Oriented: The future belongs to those who have dreams and vision, I make sure that I get to live that saying every single day!