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    Why Fit In, When You Are Born To Stand Out-- Dr Seuss--

    I am a modern thinker with innovative ideas. I am energized by helping companies leverage technology to improving their customer engagement while driving business growth.

    I push to understand my clients, their goals, and their own customer's needs. This allows me to enabled my clients to simplify their marketing message, as well as to enhance collaboration with their customers or products.

    I have a robust background which includes digital and traditional campaign strategies, execution, and brand management.

    I AM always after the Big Idea and I am constantly looking outside the box for the answers. I AM results driven. I believe in launching good ideas through the use of multi-tiered marketing. I enjoy working in and selling Online products.

    The education of, articulating and understanding strategic objectives and how to effectively create a campaign that stands out in this world.

    My favorite part of my job is working with businesses, connecting them to new opportunities. I truly believe "education is power", the more a business knows about what is out there the more success they will have creating an effective marketing campaign.