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GUIDE: Defining the Higher Cloud - How Strategic Cloud Initiatives Are Enabling Agile Businesses

Brian Snortheim, ,

Read more on "Defining the Higher Cloud - How Strategic Cloud Initiatives are Enabling Agile Business"

GUIDE: Delivering the Higher Cloud: How Channel Partners can Accelerate Strategic Cloud Initiatives for their Cloud Customers

Brian Snortheim, ,

Read more by viewing the "Delivering the Higher Cloud - How Channel Partners an Accelerate Strategic Cloud Initiatives for Their Cloud Customers"

GUIDE: Reaching the Higher Cloud - How 5 Solutions Providers Have Taken Their Cloud Practices to the Next Level

Brian Snortheim, ,

Read more by downloading the guide "Reaching the Higher Cloud - How 5 Solutions Providers Have Taken Their Cloud Practices to the Next Level"

PRESENTATION: Disaster Recovery in the Cloud - Could it be a Powerful Driver for Your Business?

Jo Peterson and Manon Buettner,

Do you offer Disaster Recovery as a Service, or are you thinking about offering it? By 2014, Gartner Research predicts that 30 percent of midsize companies will have adopted recovery-in-the-cloud to support IT operations. DR is a top priority for corporat ...

WEBINAR: A Deep Dive into Evolving Business Models in the Cloud

Matt Wilson, ,

More companies are utilizing the cloud every day, but how does this affect us in the channel and what benefits does it provide? In this webcast featuring Matt Wilson, Sr. Director of Channel Management at Comcast Business, Matt discusses the cloud in dept ...

WEBINAR: Are you Missing out on Wireless LAN Pull Through Business?

Michelle Southerland, ,

The Wireless LAN market size for 2014 is estimated at $5 billion dollars and growing. Much of the internet using population has gone wireless in their business and homes. If you're not supporting your customer's wireless needs, someone else likely is.

Webinar: How the Cloud has Changed the Game "As a Service" or "As a Utility"

Scott Fluegge, ,

There are many debates in the industry today, public versus private cloud, open versus closed systems, and innovation versus control. Your partners are grappling with these issues every day. This whitepaper will help you to understand better how to levera ...

WHITEPAPER: How to Transition to Managed Services - Avoiding the 'Pit of Despair' on the Road to New Recurring Revenue

Renita Grewal, ,

Managed services brings opportunity to bring greater predictability to both your business and the IT environment of customers; create recurring revenue, and grow your business in a profitable, scalable way. In this paper we identify four mistaken beli ...