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"Developing effective Sales and Marketing and Business Development strategies"

Our CPA roadshows are unlike other events for CPAs as they are focused on issues like sales, marketing and business development. At each event, you’ll hear from other CPAs (not marketing agencies) how they are effectively marketing their firms, the sales initiatives they are undertaking and new business opportunities they are embracing to grow new revenue streams from existing and new clients. There is no cost for attendees – we even provide a fabulous dinner!

The Sessions

Best practice in marketing a CPA discusses how they are Marketing to their prospects and customers

Let’s face it many of us are great at finance but not so great at marketing our expertise!! In this session, our speaker will share the steps he is taking to market their firm’s offerings. He’ll share how they are using Social media and a variety of marketing tactics to promote his firm. He’ll discuss his marketing strategies, what has worked and what hasn't. He'll also share the five things he did that really helped drive his company forward. All in all, a session not to be missed for anyone who wants to understand how to build a more effective local marketing program.

CPA panel – 3 CPAs discuss the sales strategies they are using to develop new customer relationships
There’s nothing like practical step by step advice from someone who has done it!! In this session 3 CPAs who have built an effective sales program will share the steps they took to build the program, they’ll discuss the pros and cons of hiring dedicated salespeople, how they manage and measure sales, how they motivate their people to generate new sales and actual programs they use to drive sales into their existing and new clients.

CPA Panel – where’s more profit? – 3 CPA’s discuss how they are making a profit from Financial Technology
There are lots of ways to make money from Financial Software – with many different business models. In this session three CPAs will discuss their firms approach, why they chose their business model(s), and how this enables them to make money. But more importantly, it’s your chance to question them and understand just which model or models would be right for your business.

Vendor Panel what do they bring to the table - A panel of three vendors discuss their CPA programs
In this panel session, three vendors will discuss just what they offer CPA firms. What do their programs offer? What will they do to help their CPA partners? This is your chance to really question them and understand if their programs might be right for you. So bring your questions - how often do you get the chance to really understand what key financial software vendors have to offer?

CPA presentation – a CPA discusses how they are leveraging their website to drive business
Increasingly customers are looking to the web before they buy anything! And we are not exempt! That means our website is increasingly a vital face for our firms and a key first impression for our prospective and existing customers. So what makes a website work? What should we be doing to create the right impression? What do customers expect? Using actual examples our speaker will share what they are doing and how they have built and are managing their website. This session should provide real insights on what it takes to build a really effective website.