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5 Benefits of Private Optical Networks

Sometimes private is better. Like in the case of Private Optical Networks. With bandwidth needs continuing to increase over time and changing in unpredictable ways, a Private Optical Network can offer large enterprise and government agencies the fastest speeds, greatest resiliency, and the highest security available at a cost lower than shared networks. Plus, Private Optical Networks put the control in your hands, giving you the flexibility to add more bandwidth when you need it, meet the ever-increasing demands of your business operations, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is secure. Here are 5 key benefits of Private Optical...
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Ciena’s new Waveserver: a dream machine for data center interconnect

  Ciena has today introduced the Waveserver™, a compact and purpose-built platform capable of enabling massive multi-terabit bandwidth for metro data center interconnect (DCI). At only one rack unit (1RU) in size, this stackable interconnect system is packed with hardware and software features that enable simple deployment and provisioning for today’s web-scale data center environments. Its combination of power and density provides 60% more capacity per rack unit and nearly twice the fiber capacity (20 terabits per fiber) versus competing available platforms.   Killer specs Waveserver’s massive line-side capacity is rooted in its use of Ciena’s new state-of-the-art WaveLogic 3 Extreme...
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4 Benefits SDN Brings to Government Network Security

Image credit: Christopher Halloran /   Renee Reinke leads Ciena's vertical marketing for federal governments on a global basis, and has a background spanning engineering, product management and product marketing at several tier 1 U.S. service providers. Cybersecurity has become the number one topic in both the situation room and the boardroom. In April of this year, the U.S. Department of Defense published their new 2015 Cyber Strategy; among other details, the new cyber strategy outlines an initiative to develop a unified platform for cyber operations that will bring together various disparate cyber platforms and capabilities in place today. This...
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Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 and Ericsson help Telstra achieve GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for optical transmission

Ericsson today released the latest progress and accomplishments with its trans-Australian network deployment with Telstra – including a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the longest un-regenerated terrestrial fibre optic link – with Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 coherent chipset playing a big part in the news. As you may remember, last year Ericsson announced a national network agreement with Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider, to be its strategic supplier of next-generation optical equipment. That news marked the first public customer resulting from Ciena and Ericsson’s strategic agreement through which Ericsson now resells Ciena optical solutions to its customers. Today’s news details several...
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Ciena breaks ground on new Ottawa campus, R&D headquarters

James Frodsham is Ciena’s Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, with responsibility for the Company’s strategic planning and corporate development activities.    In my 10+ years at Ciena, I’ve seen our company grow from a primarily U.S.-based player to a truly multinational company with resources spread around the world. We took another step in growth last week, as Ciena CEO Gary Smith and representatives from Ottawa and Ontario joined together for an official groundbreaking of our new Ottawa campus. This new campus represents not only the future home of our Ottawa employee base, but also Ciena’s worldwide R&D hub. The...
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Defending the Castle: A multi-layered approach to securing R&E networks

Rod Wilson is Ciena’s Senior Director for External Research, with responsibility for Ciena’s global interaction and collaboration with universities and government research organizations, including Ciena’s participation with Research and Education networks such as CANARIE (Canada), SURFnet (Netherlands), and Internet2 (USA).   Recently, I participated in the Internet2 Global Summit in Washington DC. Considering how significantly the threat landscape in Research and Education environments has grown over the past few years, I was unsurprised by the number of discussions focused on network and computer system security. One telling report from FireEye Cyber Threat Map lists Education as the second most attacked industry,...
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Ciena employee completes rugged North Pole Marathon

Photos in this post by Mark Conlon / North Pole Marathon   When you emailed David van de Wetering, Regional Sales Consultant in Nova Scotia, a few weeks ago, you would have received this message:   "OUT OF THE OFFICE ALERT - on the Top of the World. Yup actually there at 90 N, running the North Pole Marathon."   This alert is one many probably don't see often.David (@morarns) was picked at the end of last year to represent Ciena and run the North Pole Marathon with Gary Seery (@garyseery), Director of IT for Ciena's customer and partner Hibernia Networks. David...
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Ciena CEO Gary Smith sits down with Light Reading

The telecom industry of old is rapidly changing, with the new web-scale Internet Content Providers (ICPs) increasingly blurring the traditional lines of communications infrastructure.  In fact, a third of Ciena's customers are now not telecom infrastructure providers, and growing rapidly. That's one of many topics Ciena CEO Gary Smith covered during a recent interview with Light Reading's Steve Saunders. The two also talked about the future of white box solutions, the increasing importance of software and open standards, and the new types of conversations Gary is now having with Ciena's customers. Click below to watch the video interview between Gary Smith...
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Ovum ranks Ciena #1 worldwide in booming market for data center interconnect

Global analyst firm Ovum this morning unveiled new numbers on the rapidly growing market for data center interconnect (DCI), and sitting atop the list of equipment providers serving this market is Ciena. Ovum’s newest study is one of the first to take such a detailed look at the size, growth, and top equipment vendors for the DCI market. According to the report, overall global DCI revenues grew more than 16% in 2014, reaching $2.5 billion, a figure expected to climb to $4.2 billion by 2019. That strong growth makes data center interconnect one of the most hotly contested markets among today’s...
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7 Key Benefits of OTN Networks

Fady Masoud is Senior Advisor for Technical Marketing at Ciena Portfolio Solutions group, and brings 18 years of expertise and insights on architecture and requirements of next-gen optical platforms.   The adoption of Optical Transport Network (OTN) technology continues to gain momentum in the market. This is attributable to the significant leap forward in optical network technology that OTN represents and the increasing obsolescence of SONET/SDH networking. By playing a key role in making the network an open and programmable platform, by making it possible for transport to be as important as computing and storage in data center applications, OTN technology...
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Is your video content getting caught in the crush?

Glenn Calafati is Ciena's Global leader of Content and Media. Glenn is responsible solution development within the content industries segment and consults with Managed Service Providers that provide services to the Media and Entertainment industry.   Like rush hour on the London underground, the growing demand for HD, 3D, 4K and 8K video content is putting pressure on video content transport systems. Increasingly, whatever route you take, some form of barrier arises: HD video files are too big to transport over copper leased lines; conventional router networks can’t stream uncompressed HD video signals; and the necessary increase in bandwidth can’t be...
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The 8700 Strikes Again: Two New Innovation Awards for Ciena’s 8700 Platform

Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave Platform strikes again, back in the news after receiving two new industry innovation awards. That raises the total to five industry awards received since this new platform was unveiled last year to address the increasingly urgent service provider requirements for metro Ethernet aggregation and switching. Today the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards named Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave Platform its Product of the Year, while the Lightwave Innovation Awards has also just given it an impressive 4.5 (out of 5) star rating. It was only a few months ago that the 8700 took home the 2014 Fierce Innovation Award...
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OFC goes Metro: Observations from OFC 2015

If there was any doubt that metro 100G and data center interconnect (DCI) would be two of the hottest topics of 2015, that question was laid to rest this week at OFC 2015 in Los Angeles. Leading up to the conference, there had already been a raft of vendor announcements with gear and solutions targeted at the hotly contested markets – including Ciena’s web-scale unveiling last month that included two new coherent optical chipsets and an entirely new metro 100G architecture option. Then this week, Verizon created the biggest buzz of the show when it unveiled its long-awaited decision on which...
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The story of how coherent technology upended an ITU submarine network standard

There is no question that the rapid rise of coherent technology has completely transformed the optical market. And arguably the optical market segment that has seen the most change and upheaval from the coherent revolution is in submarine transport. An industry once seen as deliberate and plodding has now turned on the afterburners of innovation as coherent optical technology has allowed capacity upgrades at cable landing stations without having to do an expensive new subsea cable run or wet plant upgrade.  That’s given rise to trans-Pacific 100G upgrades and the promise of even higher capacities to come. The coherent revolution in...
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Looking back on 18 years: An interview with Ciena SVP Tom Mock on his retirement

Anyone out there been with your current company for 18 years? Not many of us can say that, but Tom Mock can. Ciena’s well-known SVP, who is set to retire after 18 incredible years at this organization, joined Ciena back in 1997 just four days before Ciena’s historic IPO. As a longtime friend and colleague of Tom’s, I recently sat down with him to talk about his adventures with Ciena, in particular how things have changed (or not) over the years. It’s my hope that this blog will not only provide some great insights but also allow the entire Ciena family...
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Study: Think Mobile Data Consumption is High Now? Just Wait

Mobile bandwidth consumption isn’t slowing down. Users are streaming, texting, and posting more than ever before, a fact that’s not news in and of itself. What is news, however, is the fact that peak-time mobile data usage, a time when users are most likely to be using real-time streaming services and most likely to notice service degradation, is growing at a rate that potentially outstrips the ability of today’s mobile backhaul networks to keep up. A new and unique study conducted by ACG Research and sponsored by Ciena investigates mobile bandwidth consumption from the peak period vantage point (9-10pm), shedding light...
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The Metro gets a brand new 100G architecture option

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts detailing Ciena’s new products and solutions tailored for a new web-scale world.  Other posts in the series: Ciena goes web-scale with new coherent, metro and small cell backhaul solutionsThe Web-scale Effect and the Future of NetworksCiena’s new coherent chipsets raise the optical bar againScaling big with small cells   2015 has been called the year of Metro 100G.  With 100G now pervasive in long-haul networks and traffic growth showing no signs of slowing down, the metro is now the new battleground for 100G deployments. This is driven by the new web-scale dynamic that...
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Scaling big with small cells

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts detailing Ciena’s new products and solutions tailored for a new web-scale world.  Other posts in the series: Ciena goes web-scale with new coherent, metro and small cell backhaul solutionsThe Web-scale Effect and the Future of NetworksCiena’s new coherent chipsets raise the optical bar again   The age of the small cell is finally here. But that doesn’t mean everything has been going smoothly. For all their clear benefits in improving coverage, bandwidth and QoS for today’s mobile network services, small cells have hit a few bumps on the road to wide...
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Ciena’s new coherent chipsets raise the optical bar again

This is the third in a series of blog posts detailing Ciena’s new products and solutions tailored for a new web-scale world.  Other posts in the series: Ciena goes web-scale with new coherent, metro and small cell backhaul solutionsThe Web-scale Effect and the Future of Networks   Ciena pioneered the use of coherent technology for commercial optical systems. We were the first to deploy 100G coherent in a live customer network. And if you strung together all the coherent optical fiber that has ever been deployed using our gear we would almost be to Mars by now.  In other words, we...
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The Web-scale Effect and the Future of Networking

Steve Alexander (bio) is Ciena’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Alexander is an IEEE Fellow and a recipient of the IEEE Communications Society Industrial Innovation Award.  This is the second in a series of blog posts detailing Ciena’s new products and solutions tailored for a new web-scale world.  Other posts in the series: Ciena goes web-scale with new coherent, metro and small cell backhaul solutions   How do you scale your network to the size of the web? How do you prepare your network when today’s dynamic and on-demand world means you can no longer predict traffic patterns?...
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