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Enterprise Security and WAN: Best Practices

Businesses are increasingly concerned with network security, and there is a growing opportunity and demand for more advanced technology to secure networks. WAN continues to be a top choice for businesses looking for a fast and flexible Internet connectivity option, but decision-makers and stakeholders may have questions about WAN security.

Fortunately, there are multiple technologies available to help ensure that WAN connections remain fast, functional, and secure.

Top Network Security Concerns
Current and prospective WAN users may have questions regarding data security, access, and integration, such as:
     • Is data transmitted over the network secure?
     • Is the network accessible/available, and is access limited to authorized users?
     • Can the network be monitored using existing tools and products?

While these are only a few examples, they cover some key issues. Here are some ways to navigate businesses through WAN security strategies:

Data Security
     • With major data breaches making global headlines, companies need to know that their data is secure. Encryption of WAN connections is essential, and encryption of network traffic is also important for companies with regulatory and compliance concerns.
     • Endpoint protection is key for data security, as it will help ensure that any malware on infected devices is effectively detected and/or disabled before such devices connect to the WAN and expose the entire network.

Authorized Access
     • WAN customers need to be assured that the network is available; they will ask questions about Service Level Agreements (SLAs), uptime, and other performance issues. This is when it is important to understand the requirements for connectivity and recommend the right solution, such as Spectrum’s Premier Service Level.
     • Companies will also require information around how the WAN can be protected against unauthorized access. Access can be controlled through identity and access management technologies, certificates, and even advanced tools such as biometric authentication.

     • The ability to monitor the network and record activity data is crucial to every network security team. Teams can easily monitor WAN traffic with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) technologies, as well as use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions for logging needs.

The Provider Matters
As companies contemplate WAN security, it is important to underscore using a reputable provider such as Spectrum. Not only does Spectrum offer a range of configuration options and service levels (which can be configured to meet enterprise security needs), but it is also a cost-efficient option.

Before any company makes a decision about WAN, they need to think about critical security issues around data, access, and monitoring, and Spectrum can provide a solution that integrates with those critical security needs.

Post by: David Neely, Director of Channel Sales and National Accounts Spectrum Business



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