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5 Benefits of Private Optical Networks

Sometimes private is better. Like in the case of Private Optical Networks. With bandwidth needs continuing to increase over time and changing in unpredictable ways, a Private Optical Network can offer large enterprise and government agencies the fastest speeds, greatest resiliency, and the highest security available at a cost lower than shared networks.

Plus, Private Optical Networks put the control in your hands, giving you the flexibility to add more bandwidth when you need it, meet the ever-increasing demands of your business operations, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your network is secure.

Here are 5 key benefits of Private Optical Networks:


1.) Security. Exclusive rights to a particular fiber cable means your data lives on a private island that’s inherently more secure than a router. Wherever your traffic is coming from or going to, it’s protected and guaranteed to get there.

2.) Scalability. You can go from 1MB to 100GB with zero delay and zero additional cost to upgrade bandwidth and burst above average utilization levels. It’s a simple programming change at the same monthly cost.

3.) Predictability. Network communications are increasingly app-driven and bandwidth-intensive. Private Optical Networks allow for capacity planning, which eliminates unpredictability and makes utilization easier.

4.) Assurance. Your data’s backed-up and taken care of, with transparency that assures the lowest latency and highest capacity.

5.) Control. You’re in charge of your network at all times. It gives you the freedom to quickly respond to unpredictable network demands, add or change applications, and grow your network to meet business requirements.


Private Optical Networks allow you to lease or buy your own fiber, which means your data is isolated and secured from other traffic on the network. Plus, the ultra-fast connectivity between locations means you’re still moving at lightning fast speeds – and operating on your own terms.

Want to find out more? Read our application note for additional information on how to take control and get the most out of your networks today.


Video: 5 Benefits of Private Optical Networks

Original author: Gowan
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