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The Crucial Role of Network Connectivity

When people switch on a lamp, they might not consider the steps it takes to illuminate the bulb – it just happens. Likewise, people long ago stopped marveling at how television sends sound and picture in a seamless, simultaneous wave of energy – it’s a given. Today, few people might wonder about--much less understand--how a cloud-computing system actualizes a vast array of data delivery, information, multimedia, remote access, and storage. They simply expect speed and accuracy every time. Anyone who has ever dealt with a slow web connection at home can appreciate the role that network connectivity plays in business. Research...
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Skills Gap Biggest Challenge for Partners Moving to Cloud

   Khali Henderson is editor-in-chief of Channel Partners, which provides news, analysis and education to the indirect sales channels serving the business technology and communications industry online at It also hosts the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, which will be held Feb. 27-March 1 in Las Vegas. Channel partners who are offering or considering offering cloud services confirmed in an informal poll that a skills gap is the greatest challenge. This is no news flash to anyone working in the channel, where the lack of technical and or sales skills comes up again and again as an obstacle. This most...
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