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Fighting Back Against Shadow IT: Part 3

Help your customers embrace cloud services to serve business stakeholders In Parts 1 and 2, we outlined the steps involved for you to help customers reduce their shadow IT and position yourself as a cloud services thought leader. In part 3, we discuss how you can work with the business units to understand their unique needs as well as empower development within both IT teams and business units. Work with Business Units to Understand Unique Needs In fighting back against shadow IT, it is vital that you create a process where the IT organization remains aware of applications and the handling...
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Top Ten Commandments for Disaster Recovery Planning

Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) invented the concept of disaster recovery, defining and refining what the industry now knows as IT disaster resilience. After more than 30 years of delivering world-class disaster recovery (DR) services, we’ve boiled down what we’ve learned into 10 clear-cut rules for DR that every one of you should live by to ensure that customers’ have fully-recoverable production environments. Do you follow the 10 laws for disaster recovery when advising customers?  Don’t confuse backups with data recovery. Remind customers that having a copy of their data stored offsite is the only first step to data recovery. They also...
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Cyber-threats in 2016: Evolution, Potential & Overcoming Them pt 3

previewThe Dummy Malware Prevention Strategy for Everyone: Stay Awake! Cybercrimes breed when business environments are not prepared for illicit intrusions. Vintage anti-virus versions, unstructured BYOD culture, confusing cyber-security policies, multiple unauthorized users and lack of security training add up to losing critical enterprise data. Latency in preparing for emerging malware threats means a slow response, leveraging malware with more time to make inroads into your data silos. We recommend being proactive: Immediately report any irregularity in your data access paths or sharing platforms. Report any unwarranted network activity like new browsers, new toolbars, or search engines leading to suspicious webpages. Any...
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Cyber-threats in 2016: Evolution, Potential & Overcoming Them pt 2

previewThe First Step to Cybercrime Diagnosis: Accept your Infection!   This might sound like a healthcare discussion but the comparison actually makes sense. For a moment, relook at cyber threats—they are like a chronic disease, invasive and capable of rendering long-term damages. Ghostware or Blastware, you are looking at an IT infection that is carcinogenic, highly toxic and self-sustaining. Diagnosing it is not easy. By the time you realize that critical data has been leaked, hacked or accessed illegally, the damage has been done and little can be done to redeem the lost data or its integrity. A malware infection can...
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Is password length more important than complexity? A guideline for password creation policy.

Image care of WordPress Orange County, CA - I just read a summary of research on secure passwords vs. weak ones that get hacked. If you are looking to create your own secret password or if you are a network administrator looking to enforce secure password policy then read on. These results are from a study on 10 million passwords that have been breached in recent years. In summary, if you want a weak password, then use: Words Names Verbs Colors Animals Fruits “Love” phrases Superheroes And days of the week Leet speak, the act of using informal language or code in which standard...
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