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The story of how coherent technology upended an ITU submarine network standard

There is no question that the rapid rise of coherent technology has completely transformed the optical market. And arguably the optical market segment that has seen the most change and upheaval from the coherent revolution is in submarine transport. An industry once seen as deliberate and plodding has now turned on the afterburners of innovation as coherent optical technology has allowed capacity upgrades at cable landing stations without having to do an expensive new subsea cable run or wet plant upgrade.  That’s given rise to trans-Pacific 100G upgrades and the promise of even higher capacities to come. The coherent revolution in...
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Looking back on 18 years: An interview with Ciena SVP Tom Mock on his retirement

Anyone out there been with your current company for 18 years? Not many of us can say that, but Tom Mock can. Ciena’s well-known SVP, who is set to retire after 18 incredible years at this organization, joined Ciena back in 1997 just four days before Ciena’s historic IPO. As a longtime friend and colleague of Tom’s, I recently sat down with him to talk about his adventures with Ciena, in particular how things have changed (or not) over the years. It’s my hope that this blog will not only provide some great insights but also allow the entire Ciena family...
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Infographic: Internet and Mobile Data Growth by the Numbers

  This infographic shows the amazing pace of growth that is expected for both wireline and mobile networks over the next few years. Metro networks will be hit especially hard as they aggregate traffic from an increasing number of users and devices. Original author: Gowan
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Study: Think Mobile Data Consumption is High Now? Just Wait

Mobile bandwidth consumption isn’t slowing down. Users are streaming, texting, and posting more than ever before, a fact that’s not news in and of itself. What is news, however, is the fact that peak-time mobile data usage, a time when users are most likely to be using real-time streaming services and most likely to notice service degradation, is growing at a rate that potentially outstrips the ability of today’s mobile backhaul networks to keep up. A new and unique study conducted by ACG Research and sponsored by Ciena investigates mobile bandwidth consumption from the peak period vantage point (9-10pm), shedding light...
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The Metro gets a brand new 100G architecture option

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts detailing Ciena’s new products and solutions tailored for a new web-scale world.  Other posts in the series: Ciena goes web-scale with new coherent, metro and small cell backhaul solutionsThe Web-scale Effect and the Future of NetworksCiena’s new coherent chipsets raise the optical bar againScaling big with small cells   2015 has been called the year of Metro 100G.  With 100G now pervasive in long-haul networks and traffic growth showing no signs of slowing down, the metro is now the new battleground for 100G deployments. This is driven by the new web-scale dynamic that...
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