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The Cloud Services Community CPA Business Leadership Forum

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"Developing effective Sales and Marketing and Business Development strategies"

Our CPA Business Leadership Forums are unlike other events for CPAs as they are focused on sales, marketing and business development. At each event, you’ll hear from other CPAs (not marketing agencies) how they are effectively marketing their firms, the sales initiatives they are undertaking and new business opportunities they are embracing to grow new revenue streams from existing and new clients. There is no cost for attendees – we even provide a fabulous dinner!

The Sessions

Presentation #1: Leveraging Social Media to Drive Customer Engagement (3:30pm- 4:20pm)
• From a business standpoint, there’s no denying that social media is playing an ever-increasing role in both marketing and customer engagement. Regardless of industry, social media provides an opportunity to give organizations a ‘personality’ and communicate quickly and directly with other businesses and consumers. In this presentation, an executive from a local accounting practice will share insights about the platforms they use, the type of content that is most beneficial, the audiences they target, and various tools used to manage their social media presence.


Partner Panel #1: Client Acquisition and Retention Strategies (4:30pm- 5:20pm)
• There are two key elements to client relationships- building new ones, and maintaining existing ones. When it comes to acquiring new clients, savvy accounting organizations are increasingly seeing all their employees as important to the sales drive. Many are also developing specialist sales capabilities. In the session 3 CPAs will share the sales strategies they use to bring on new clients, whilst sharing the processes they have in place to make sure existing clients are looked after and that the firm is able to understand and respond to their changing needs.
- This panel will have three (3) partners sharing different strategies for bringing in new clients, and what they’re doing to ensure continued satisfaction for existing ones.


Partner Panel #2: New Revenue Streams (6:00pm- 6:50pm)
• As financial technology becomes more and more pervasive in the modern market, there are multiple platforms and additional services that can be built into an accounting firms’ offerings for clients. From QuickBooks to NetSuite, there’s fintech for everybody- and it can prove highly profitable for accounting professionals.
- This panel will have three (3) partners discussing the various financial technology platforms being used at their firm, the decision-making behind implementing these platforms, and a discussion about the various ways the technology is helping their firm to become more profitable.


Presentation #2: Marketing Strategies and Techniques (7:40pm- 8:30pm)
• Marketing and advertising today has no limits- we have the opportunity to reach thousands of consumers with modern campaigns, and have more creative outlets than ever before. On the converse side of that, the modern customer has an attention span of mere seconds. What different avenues should be used to attract new clientele in today’s accounting world? What are the best methods to make your firm’s name stand out in a saturated market? How much of a role does face-to-face play, and how much should be digital?
- The presentation would be 35-40 minutes long and allow 10-15 minutes for Q&A, 50 minutes in total